Google My Business in 2021

If you are among businesses catering to local customers, this blog intends to share all you require to think about Google My Business in 2021, and here are the latest trends and features that you should always keep in mind.

Listing your business in Google My Business – can increase brand awareness, magnify online visibility, and help the customer to find maximum information (Opening hours, directions, reviews, etc.) about your business.

Google has been testing new features and integrations within Google My Business to help small and medium-sized businesses.

1) Restaurants and eateries - services options, highlights, and attributes. Google My Business comes up with new tags such as Dine in, Takeaway, and Delivery, that can help consumers narrow down their options early in their buying journey. Restaurant marketers can be now more specific about their services like contactless delivery or curbside pickup.

2) The attributes of Health and safety are also expected to be available shortly in Google Search and Maps. Following are the health and safety attributes that you can add to your locations:
- Appointment required
- Mask required 
- Staff get temperature checks
- Staff wear masks
- Temperature check required

3) Businesses can now add a direct link for purchasing a gift card voucher and donations. The search engine giant has partnered up with PayPal and GoFundMe to offer a seamless user experience and extra transaction transparency. This payment support feature is first made available for eligible companies based in countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Restaurants can now add a link to their website for gift cards or create offers using other partner platforms.

4) A new feature has come that will show call logs triggered from a Google My Business listing interaction to SEO admins, business owners, and managers. This Calls tab will keep the track of activity for up to 45 days.

5) Grow My Store is a tool primarily for e-commerce websites that analyzes your brand’s customer experience and compares it with similar ones inside your niche. The aim of Grow My Store is to offer improvement suggestions for your customer’s digital experience.

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